Applying for Funding

Many thanks for your interest in Spifox and in particular as to how we distribute funding.

Perhaps in the first instance we should explain a little more about the role of Spifox and how we try to help disabled and disadvantaged youngsters in Scotland. Our principal purpose is the donation of cash sums to specific capital projects, these projects being undertaken by Registered (ideally in Scotland) Charities and specifically for the benefit of kids in Scotland. We also seek our contribution to be "identifiable"; by that we mean if our donation is to be part of a general appeal then our funding should be used for a specific purpose therein. For example, this could be for fitting out works, equipment provision, relevant IT or specific elements within a larger project.

It is not generally our policy to contribute to revenue or administrative needs, this having become our established practice from when our Charity was set up in 1983.

There is more information in this website under the "Beneficiaries" tab as to Charities we have assisted over the years. If we at Spifox are able to help, then the initial step is to contact the Chair of our Beneficiaries Committee, Alasdair Carlyle ( or indeed any of the Trustees who may be known to you (see Committee Members section). After initial discussion we, will seek fuller detail on the Project/Cause to be supported, and in turn this will be considered by our Beneficiaries Sub-Committee at its next meeting. The timing, details and amounts requested will then, if approved by the Sub-Committee, be passed to the Main Committee for ratification. Be assured we are very aware as to the difficulties of fundraising in these particularly trying times for the economy, and are able to respond initially within a few short weeks.

Many thanks for reviewing our criteria; our Committee sincerely wishes to assist your efforts.